October 22, 2020

7 Electric Car Stocks to Watch As Battery Tech Improves

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Contrary to the doom-and-gloom prognostications many of us believed in when the novel coronavirus pandemic struck, this otherwise awful crisis has surprisingly been a positive development for the technology sector. Specifically, the valuation of electric car stocks received a massive jolt (in both good and bad ways) — leading investors to pile into this rapidly burgeoning market.

Part of the reason for the interest surely has to do with some of the vulnerabilities exposed of combustion-engine cars. For one thing, they require frequent maintenance; And let’s face it: not everyone is skilled or disciplined enough to work on their cars. More critically, because combustion cars have many more parts than electric vehicles (EVs), they’re vulnerable to global supply chain disruptions.

Not surprisingly, electric car stocks have received substantial bullish interest. But to really spark the next leg higher, the EV

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