October 29, 2020

Meili calls for judicial inquiry on Global Transportation Hub, Moe responds

Regina, Moose Jaw – The New Democratic Party promised a judicial inquiry into the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) development, should they form government after the Oct. 26 election, while the Saskatchewan Party said it was satisfied with the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and Provincial Auditor’s recommendations regarding the GTH.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili and Regina Rosemont Candidate Trent Wotherspoon spoke at the GTH site on the west side of Regina on Oct. 2.

Wotherspoon said, “This GTH, the hub, is mired in controversy and the donors of the Sask. Party made out with millions on this front. Meanwhile, taxpayers got ripped off. The Sask. Party has avoided providing answers, time and time again to Saskatchewan people on this front, they blocked witnesses and haven’t provided any accountability.”

Meili said, “What we’re committing to today is that in government, we will get those answers.

Wotherspoon and Meili noted that a sign

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