October 29, 2020

High cost of Charlottetown transportation corridor leads to timeline change

Phase 1 of the Charlottetown Perimeter Highway Active Transportation Corridor will be split into two years due to the tender bid being higher than anticipated, according to the chair of environment and sustainability for Charlottetown. 

Coun. Terry MacLeod describes the project as a way to reduce the carbon footprint and help connect the corridors and paths throughout the city — making cycling a much more favourable mode of transportation. 

“This will make cycling much more available to get around the city without having to run out of lane,” said MacLeod.

“This is definitely going to connect the dots so that people can really enjoy some of the other pathways … and we can connect these other small pathways to the major active transportation corridors so that people can get around.” 

It’s all part of the active transportation plan, he said.  

“The project came in over budget so we’re not spending

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Two arrested after tip leads to vehicle chase

  • VALLEJO, CA – October 9: A damaged gray Dodge Charger, driven by a suspect who led police from several agencies on a cross-county pursuit that started in Richmond and ended with a crash and the driver’s arrest in Vallejo, is rigged to a tow truck near the corner of Redwood Street and Tuolumne Street on Friday, October 9, 2020. (Dylan Bouscher/Bay Area News Group)

  • VALLEJO, CA – October 9: A Solano County Sheriff’s Office deputy waits for a tow truck operator to rig an agency vehicle, possibly damaged in a pursuit involving a suspect who led police from several agencies from Richmond to Vallejo before a crash and arrest, near the corner of Redwood Street and Tuolumne Street on Friday, October 9, 2020. (Dylan Bouscher/Bay Area News Group)

  • VALLEJO, CA – October 9: A Solano County Sheriff’s Office deputy helps a tow truck operator rig an agency vehicle, possibly damaged

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Road rage leads to shots fired at bicycle rider in Buckman neighborhood

Section of SE 16th where the incident took place.

A verbal interaction between two road users in southeast Portland erupted into gunfire Saturday afternoon.

According to neighbors (one of whom contacted BikePortland), the incident took place around 6:00 pm on September 3rd. A bicycle rider was pedaling south on SE 16th between Washington and Alder and had a verbal exchange with someone driving a car. The bicycle user reportedly said something to the effect of “There’s no need to drive like that, we both have a right to be on this road!” Then the driver pulled out a gun, fired two shots, and sped away.

Portland Police officers responded to 911 calls and located two shell casings near the 16th and Alder intersection.

After hearing about this secondhand, I contacted the Portland Police Bureau. They confirmed the incident and said neither party remained at the scene to talk with police.

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Video Of Seattle Officer Rolling Bicycle Over Protester’s Head Leads To Suspension

A Seattle police officer seen on video posted to social media earlier this week walking his bike over the head of a protester lying on the ground has been suspended while authorities investigate the incident.

The officer will be placed on administrative leave after the head of the city’s civilian-led Office of Police Accountability, Andrew Myerberg, asked for a criminal investigation into the matter, citing “potential violations” of police policy “as well as potential criminal conduct.”

Neither the officer nor the protester have been officially named.

In a statement, the Seattle Police Department said Thursday that it had referred the incident to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

“During the demonstration that occurred last night, the Seattle Police Department was notified of an incident where, on video, it appears an SPD officer walked the wheels of his bicycle over an individual lying in the street,” the department said, adding that it

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Speeding vehicle leads police to open containers and a club: Parma Heights Police Blotter


Open containers, Denison Boulevard: On Sept. 20, police observed a speeding vehicle on Denison Boulevard.

The driver was cited for speeding and a weapons charge for having a wooden club inside of the vehicle. Also, three passengers were cited for open containers of alcohol

Drunken driving, Sherborn Road: On Sept. 19, police observed a speeding vehicle on Sherborn Road.

While talking to the driver, who had a suspended license, the officer smelled booze. After failing a field sobriety test, the Cleveland resident was arrested for drunken driving.

The man was cited for speeding and driving with a suspended license. Also, it turned out an underage passenger was also intoxicated.

The Cleveland juvenile was charged with underage prohibitions (alcohol) and also obstructing official business based on his actions at the scene.

Drunken driving, Greenbriar Drive: On Sept. 19, police located a vehicle that had been reportedly involved in

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