October 25, 2020

Video Of Seattle Officer Rolling Bicycle Over Protester’s Head Leads To Suspension

A Seattle police officer seen on video posted to social media earlier this week walking his bike over the head of a protester lying on the ground has been suspended while authorities investigate the incident.

The officer will be placed on administrative leave after the head of the city’s civilian-led Office of Police Accountability, Andrew Myerberg, asked for a criminal investigation into the matter, citing “potential violations” of police policy “as well as potential criminal conduct.”

Neither the officer nor the protester have been officially named.

In a statement, the Seattle Police Department said Thursday that it had referred the incident to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

“During the demonstration that occurred last night, the Seattle Police Department was notified of an incident where, on video, it appears an SPD officer walked the wheels of his bicycle over an individual lying in the street,” the department said, adding that it

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Seattle cop on video rolling his bicycle over a protester’s head is placed on leave

By Leah Asmelash and Konstantin Toropin | CNN

A Seattle police officer captured on video rolling his bicycle over the head of a protester who was lying in the street is now on administrative leave.

The Seattle Police Department said in a statement Thursday that the actions of the officer — who has not been identified — are being investigated independently by the King County Sheriff’s Office at the department’s request.

Earlier on Thursday, the city’s police watchdog group said it was requesting a criminal investigation.

Video of the incident taken Wednesday night and posted on Twitter shows a protester lying in the street as an officer, who is on foot, rolls his bicycle over the protester’s head and neck.

The scene is immediately surrounded by nearby officers.

The video and subsequent outrage comes as tensions rise between protesters against systemic racism and police officers, after the Kentucky attorney general

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Seattle officer on leave after video shows cop rolling bicycle over protester’s head

A Seattle police officer has been placed on administrative leave Thursday following an incident captured on a livestream, which shows an officer walking a bicycle over the head of a person lying in the street amid protests in the city.

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The Seattle Office of Police Accountability said Thursday it has requested a criminal investigation after receiving dozens of complaints about the video. Seattle police say the case has been sent to King County Sheriff’s Office for a possible criminal investigation.

The incident was captured about 37 minutes into a Wednesday night live stream of protests in Seattle from CJTV MEDIA and has subsequently been widely shared on social media. Since then, at least one other angle of the incident has also been shared.

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