December 2, 2020

Best car scratch removers in 2020

It’s perhaps the most common question asked when it comes to car care: “How do I get a scratch out?” There isn’t a blanket answer for the question, but most of the time a car scratch remover, like rubbing compound and polishing compound, are the best answer. 

We take the cars that pass through the Roadshow garage a lot of places, and inevitably, scratches and swirls happen in car paint. But, the number of cars trading hands among staff also means we get to try an assortment of products to keep them looking top notch. We spent a considerable amount of time sampling various car scratch removers, rubbing compounds and polishes to see which products work, and which ones don’t live up to the hype. Below you’ll find our top picks for car scratch removers, so read on and see which one is right for you and for some pro

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