December 2, 2020

LPD searches for man video recorded assaulting, forcing woman into a vehicle

Laredo police officers are looking for a man who was recorded beating, dragging and forcing a woman into a vehicle, authorities said on Tuesday afternoon.

Police officers were dispatched at about 2 a.m. Tuesday to an assault report in the intersection of Ejido and Laredo Street. A gray pickup pulled over on the side of the road. Then, a man exited the vehicle and began viciously attacking a female passenger.

Surveillance footage from the area recorded the man parking the pickup, possibly a Dodge Ram, and exiting the vehicle. He then opens the passenger door behind the driver side and strikes the female passenger four times.

“The male suspect then yanks the victim out from the backseat and throws her down onto the floor. Once on the floor, the male suspect is seen dragging the victim from her hair as he continues to strike and kick the victim,” police said

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‘You seem nervous to me’: Why most police vehicle searches in Texas turn up nothing

When Thomas Kost saw the red lights pulsing behind him he figured he probably deserved a ticket. It was the kind of T-shirt-warm May evening that exists for motorcycle riding and he’d gotten carried away with the throttle.

Yet right off, Texas Department of Public Safety trooper Rick Cotto seemed to suspect Kost of more than just speeding.

“How much you had to drink tonight?” he asked Kost. “Your eyes are kind of glassy, that’s why I’m asking.” Kost said he hadn’t had alcohol in days.

“You ever been arrested?” the trooper asked, according to the dash-cam recording of the stop.

“What’s illegal on the motorcycle?”

“What about on your person?”

Nothing, Kost replied.

Cotto asked if he could search the bike; Kost declined. The trooper said he was going to summon a drug-sniffing dog to check it out anyway. The trooper had Kost empty his pockets as he patted

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