December 2, 2020

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition seeks resident help to propose fixes for local roads

Community members around Moreland and Hollowell can sign up online until Oct. 12 to be part of the committees. They will receive some basic training, conduct research and hold discussions about how the roads can be made more safe. Ultimately, the goal is for the residents to present their findings to the state or local agency in charge of the roads.

“Neighbors need to have a say so in what happens in their neighborhoods,” Jones said. “They’re typically the most effective advocates for safe streets in their communities.”

While the bicycle coalition is supporting the program and providing expertise, the conversations won’t just be about bike safety. The organization recently expanded its advocacy work to include transit and pedestrian safety.

In addition to the committees focused on Moreland and Hollowell, residents from anywhere in the city can sign up to be part of an advocacy group in their neighborhood. Those

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One of Region’s Largest Employers Seeks Exemption From Metro’s Transportation Tax

As voters consider whether to support the Metro Council’s proposed $4 billion transportation measure on next month’s ballot, one of the region’s largest employers has told the regional government it believes it is exempt from paying the tax, which will charge companies, including non-profits, up to .75 percent of payroll.

Metro wants to build a new MAX line from Portland to Tigard and make transportation investments in 17 safety corridors in its tri-county service area. The tax Metro designed applies to companies that employ more than 25 people. Just before referring it to voters in July, Metro decided to exempt local government payers such as the city of Portland and Multnomah County, which each employ thousands of people.

WW has learned that OHSU, which pays the TriMet payroll tax upon which Metro modeled its proposed tax, has told Metro it does not believe it should have to pay the transportation

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Brookline Seeks Transportation Board Advisory Committee Members

Press release from The Town Of Brookline’s Transportation Department:

Oct. 2, 2020

The Transportation Board is looking for 4 members to serve on the newly created Shared Mobility Advisory Committee. The mission of the new advisory committee is to encourage, plan for, and advocate for improved access and utilization of shared mobility systems within the Town of Brookline.

It shall advise the Transportation Board on matters related to shared mobility including, but not limited to, public transportation, shuttles, senior transportation, ride share, car share, bike share, and micro-mobility share for commuting, general mobility and pleasure, with an emphasis on safety and access.

Additionally, SMAC will work with the MBTA and the Town to fine-tune existing bus and train service and infrastructure, as well as explore new opportunities to expand shared transportation accessibility for residents and for those who travel to and from Brookline for work and pleasure.

Membership is open

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