Woman Hits Child, 8, On Bicycle; No Charges Filed: Video

diagram: The child is seen in a video being struck by a driver and flying off her bicycle and into the air.

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The child is seen in a video being struck by a driver and flying off her bicycle and into the air.

MASTIC BEACH, NY — The family of a child, 8, on a bicycle who was hit by a driver who left the scene is reportedly outraged and rallying for justice after no charges were filed.

A report by News 12 Long Island includes a video that depicts Zhion Brown Parks get hit and thrown from her bicylce; she later walks away limping and calling for her mother. The motorist initially stopped the vehicle, then drove off, the video indicates.

“She left my daughter there. My baby was screaming for me,” Nicole Smith, Zhion’s mother, told News 12; a rally was reportedly held on Tuesday to protest the lack of charges filed, News 12 said.

According to Suffolk County Police, a woman driving a 2017 Honda Accord struck a female bicyclist at the intersection of Orchid Drive and Cedar Road East in Mastic Beach at 7 p.m. on September 20.

The bicyclist left the scene shortly thereafter, police said. The driver of the vehicle reported the accident to the police at 7:08 p.m. from another location in “close proximity” to the scene, police said.

The driver described what had happened and “stated that the bicyclist said she was uninjured and left the scene with another child,” police said. Police canvassed the area looking for the child but couldn’t locate her, police said.

The girl, 8, and her family filed a report referencing the incident on September 22 at 1 p.m., saying that the child was injured and requesting that the driver be arrested for leaving the scene of the crash, police said.

“Following an investigation by Seventh Precinct crime section officers, it was determined the woman reported the incident within the requirements of the law,” police said.

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