Zooming More, Driving Less: When to Ditch Your Car | Personal-finance

Parting with your vehicle would let you ditch monthly car payments and related expenses, like gas, insurance and repairs.

Even a parked car is a source of stress.

Like when you run outside in your pajamas at the sound of the street sweeper coming. Cars left unattended for days might become a target for theft or vandals. They still need routine maintenance, the occasional car wash and a drive every few weeks to circulate the fluids and recharge the battery.

So with the pandemic changing the way we work, commute and shop, there’s probably no better time to see what life feels like without a car.

Here are four reasons to consider a car-free future:

1. You don’t (and won’t) drive much anymore

How many days last week did your car just sit? How many miles have you put on it in the past month?

When the pandemic hit, many companies sent their employees home to work remotely. Total miles driven plunged by 40% nationally in the second half of March, according to insurance data analyst Arity. Driving is on the rise again, but the interlude showed that we can get along just fine without everyone having their own car.

But you’re still making the same car payment as when you drove every day.

2. You have better uses for that money

Americans have long been encouraged to overspend on cars, urged on by ads that promise the right car will make us popular or rugged and unlock the freedom of the great outdoors.

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